South Humber Riding Club abides by the official British Riding Club Rules:


1) The Judges decision is final in all classes.

2) The organisers and all other people at South Humber Riding Club connected with any event do not accept reliability for accident, damage, theft, injury or illness of horses, owners, riders, spectators or any other person or property of vehicles, whatsoever.

3) The organiser reserves the right to re-organise or cancel any class if there are less than 3 entries.

4) Hard hats to British Riding Club standards must be worn and secured at all times.

5) No refund of entry fees will be made if a competitor withdraws from a class.

6) Events are run to British Riding Club Rules:

  • Knocking down any part of an obstacle including wings =4 Faults.

  • First disobedience on the whole course =4 Faults.

  • Second disobedience on the whole course =8 Faults.

  • Third disobedience on the whole course =Elimination.

  • Fall of horse and/or rider =Elimination.

7) Objections must be in writing and logged with the Secretary with a £15 deposit within 15 minutes after the conclusion of the class in which the objection arises, the £15 deposit will be refunded if the objection is upheld.

8) It is the rider's responsibility to ensure the correct tack is worn for any competition, if you are not sure please do refer to the British Riding Club website.

9) It is advised that body protectors are worn.

10) When warming up training aids cannot be used, doing so will result in Elimination.

11) All horses competing must be over 4 years old.

12) All attending must have their own personal and public liability insurance.

13) All dogs must be kept on leads at all times and droppings to be picked up.

14) Please do not muck out on to the field or car park.

15) Any exhibitor displaying unsportsmanlike conduct, animal cruelty or using obscene language will be disqualified from competition with no refund of entry.

16) Competitors under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult.

Please click here for a copy of the British Riding Clubs Rulebook.